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Make a friend with your gamepad · By matsoj


Recent updates

10 copies sold 2700 downloads
I want to say "Thank you" by that you download / bought this game. That's mean a lot for me ;)...
Christmas massages ;)
Hello there! I want to wish you all the best in this Christmas time. Have a lot of great time with your family. This part of year is very magnificent! Spend th...
I have never thought my app will achieve 700 downloads ;) I'm so glad to see these numbers ;) Thanks you ;)...
100 downloads achieved <3
Few days ago this product recieved over 100 downloads. I am so happy to see that my tool / game / program was downloaded over 100 times Thanks a lot...
First copy sold!
Today 1st copy has been sold! It's a something for me!!! Thanks you anonymus buyer!...

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